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  1. Hello all; So after the above troubleshooting and updating Poweramp to the latest version...I still get songs kinda skipping as originally mentioned. HOWEVER.... I decided to take this all a step further. I decided to use the built in MUSIC app with the phone to see if songs skip. Sadly enough...They also skip in the build in MUSIC app... So, it almost sounds to me that its a related issue to media on a microSD card...so far... I think the final step is to wipe all the music off the card and re-copy all the music directly to the phone and see what happens. MAXMP: Thanks for yo
  2. So...I haven't done anything. This is a random issue. Maybe a bug...who knows. Hence why we're discussing it. And maybe it's already fixed in the new release which I can't get for another 2 weeks because of where I am for work. Now...You're $200.00 Dre Beats headphones aren't the topic of dicsussion here. But since you mentioned it, Dre Headphones have emphasised High's and emphasised low end...kinda like the smiley face eq curve which 9 times out of ten, is the direct source of sound issues since the eq curve in the headphones is no longer balanced. So, if you use the EQ and have the mids
  3. Hi maxmp; So it did it twice today at different times. I have video from my crappy work phone if you want it. Thanks D
  4. Hi there' No. It seems to be towards the end of a track usually, however, Cross-fade is not enabled. I've never it. I just double checked to make sure it's not turned on. Its off. The only thing turned on is EQ so I can clean up the low mids a tad. I've turned DVC off and no MusicFX enabled. The Audio Thread Priority is at +2 and the Audio Buffer is set to AUTO. I've made absolutely sure that there is no other music player running in the back ground or turning on when headphones are plugged in or unplugged. I also generally have my phone on mute when music is playing so that songs
  5. Hi all, Some times when a track plays, another track plays for a second or two and then the original track continues..Kinda like a CD skipping, but with a totally different song. I've tried to solve this myself, but no dice. - I've deleted the song (thinking it was corrupt) and then re-copied the track. This kind of worked as the track is fine but it does the "skipping" to another song. - I've formatted my SD card in my computer, re-copied all the music (pain full process since I didn't use the ones on the SD card...just in case). Still does the random skipping. - I've formatted my
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