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  1. Hello, Is it possible to get Kitkat's LPA audio support in Poweramp? It's a feature that claims lower power audio usage but only works through the stock Android system currently. The claim is up to 60 hours of audio playback on the Nexus 5. When I listened to music with Poweramp I didn't see any mention about LPAPlayer, but once I used Play Music, I could see it being utilized.
  2. Update: having Poweramp run as a service gets rid of the issue. I just hope there are no significant drawbacks to this. RAM is not a concern on this phone.
  3. I wanted to chime in on this issue. I have a Honda HandsFreeLink and 95% of the time it resumes properly from pausing it. However, if the audio is paused for an extended period of time (usually 10 seconds or more) by pausing it manually, by turning the audio power off on my car stereo, or when interrupted in the call, I will hear the music for a split second on resume and then a beep and it pauses. On my HTC One this wasn't an issue on stock Sense with Android 4.1.2 or Android 4.2.2 or even CM10.1, but once I used Android 4.3, I first noticed this issue. I figured I should add I'm currently running the stock Android 4.4.2 GPE for my HTC One. I have generated a logcat as well of this issue.
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