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  1. Thank you Max! Beside the side effects (which i think i can really live with), how can you explain, why the process never occures in my log over a time span from 2 months? So, was it there before, but not logged in bbs? Or wasn't it there? I an 100% sure i never had this wakelock before this weekend and i can prove it with a lot of bbs logs, believe me. Where, all of a sudden, this thing comes crawling in my logs? And why, all of a sudden, it consumes a hell lot of my battery? Greetings.
  2. Thanks, but this doesn't help much. Can i disable the service completely? I checked all my bbs logs, but i've never had any com.maxmpz.audioplayer.player.PlayerService temp (UID) calls in it until last weekend. I love Poweramp, but i have to say i hate this kind of apps that violate my phone in this way. If you take a look at my log, you see the bbs log was taken when i was asleep, so no reason for Poweramp to do ANYTHING on my phone. I mean Poweramp kept my phone awake 39s of 162s. Thats about 24% of the awake time for what reason? Anyway, i have a two step solution to regain control of my battery again: - Disable all scanning activity. That seems to reduce the wake time of the service to a minimum. - Greenify Poweramp. With this solution the wakelock is gone and i have no side effects by now. If i want to hear music, i open Poweramp. If i don't want to hear music, i close Poweramp. And if Poweramp is closed and no music is playing, there is no need that it consumes even 0.1% of my battery. It simply has to stay out of my phones memory until i need it again. Regards!
  3. I have a bbs log from last night. This one has the Poweramp scanner turned off (Manual scanning). As you can see this is ok. What confuses me, iss that the scanner is still there, where it should not be. If you are interested, i can attach another one with the scanner on from the night before in the evening, where the scanner behaved very bad.
  4. No, it is stock with root and some features disabled. Of course i run a few other apps, but nothing suspicious so far.
  5.   No, is there a setting for this? At the moment i disabled all automatic scanning. This stops the wakelock completely. It's a workaround, but no solution./Edit: I found the setting. This is disabled. Also the service keepalive is disabled. At the meantime i did a full reinstall, this did not help eighter. Only thing that helps is setting automatic scanning to off. I just don't get it. I use Poweramp for 3 months now, but never had any issues with it.
  6. Hi there, i am a registered Poweramp user. I am running Poweramp 2.0.9-build-548-play as full version on a Samsung GT-7275R (Galaxy Ace 3) with rooted stock 4.2.2. Till yesterday Poweramp behaved relatively well. But now it is giving me headaches, and increased my battery drain by 1%/h. It seems as the service com.maxmpz.audioplayer.player.PlayerService temp (UID) is running in the background, I have never experienced such a behavior of Poweramp before. I tried reeboting, but it seems to sit in my memory. Is there something i can do? I do not want to abandon Poweramp, but i am very strict with my apps and battery consumption. I was used to have a drain of about 0.3% to 0.4% per hour when the phone was sleeping. Now it's going up to 1.2%/h to 1.5%/h which really annoys me, because i do not even use the phone. Any help appreciated! Greets Sledge
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