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  1. Maybe I put this in the wrong place, I thought this section was for new feature requests, if incorrect I apologize. But, if you looked around you'd see this particular email unlocking feature isn't available to those of us running older Android versions, "before 3.0" and it mentions that on the page you linked. Anyway, request deleted because Poweramp said they were incorporating request into v 551. Do some reading yourself Timmy.
  2. Request you add support for Non-Google email account unlocking on pre-3.0 Android devices. (esp. Motorola Droid X2) A number of prepaid providers in the U.S. are offering Android smart phone service with low end phones or bring-your-own-phone programs. Tracfone, for one, limits Android service to 3G equipment only so phones like the Motorola X2 are seeing new life as BYOP devices on Tracfone. Unfortunately these previous generation phones are stuck on Gingerbread. Would be good to use Poweramp, my preferred player, on my Droid X2 without adding a Google account. Thanks
  3. woofit Thanks for the details. Yes, for Androids below 3, there is no Android default email app and accounts, thus it won't work. I'll update the info on purchase page. Here's where I got the idea it worked...from the non-Google account download section of your website, it says: APK file, 6.5mb, non-Google Play distribution version NOTE: Please ensure you have Unknown sources check box checked in Android Settings => Applications (prior Android 4.0); or Android Settings => Security (Android 4.0+). If you don’t have this checked or if you don’t have such checkbox, you won’t be able to
  4. I'm using the stock ROM, nothing exotic or hacked, and have followed your instructions to the letter on both rooted and unrooted phones, Poweramp will not unlock without Google. I've tried 2 different examples of the same Droid X2 model running 2.3.5. a common older phone and android version that unlocks fine with google. Using the Poweramp build from my website purchase link (February '14 purchase) - v550 with a fresh unlocker install on factory reset phones and I've advised all this repeatedly in separate emails. I've been communicating with you from the start and your solution was always
  5. No, unfortunately. Poweramp says it should work but it will not unlock without Google for me.
  6. Using same unlocker I received 2 weeks ago but tried your link all the same, never has worked. I've contacted support repeatedly over last couple weeks through device and your replies appeared to be automated in that they were identical and offered the same solution...reload from this link followed by locking. Then replies stopped. I'll try again through the phone but too much effort already invested. Finally opened forum thread to see if others were having success and how they did it. 500 views and no details yet.
  7. "There is a difference between "someperson@yahoo.com" registered on device as Yahoo account and as Email account. Email account icon (on Stock android) looks like this:" Thanks for your reply. This would explain the problem if I were entering the Yahoo email as a Yahoo Account . I'm not doing that. I am entering the same yahoo email I registered with on your web site and I'm entering it as an email account using the Email heading. The yahoo email shows up as an email in the account section of the phone. 1. I install Poweramp and unlocker from the email links you sent when I purchased fr
  8. I bought it twice from the Google Play store but decided to leave a Google account off this phone. Based on Poweramp's own guidance I bought it a third time directly from them but can't use it. It would be nice if they'd come up with a way to purchase legitimately and unlock without Google. It's done in other apps, e.g., Titanium Backup, Fancy Widgets, etc.
  9. I'm not hearing from Poweramp anymore. For those checking this thread to see if you can purchase from the Poweramp website and unlock WITHOUT using a Google account or email...Based on my experience I would say NO you cannot despite what Poweramp appears to occasionally say. If anyone is successful please post what you did.
  10. I used the Yahoo account in the box when I purchased the web unlocker and I entered it as an email on the phone, it's the only email account listed on the phone. The entry is accurate, no transpositions or errors. I have installed and reinstalled 8-10 times on two different examples of the same model phone that's running Gingerbread 2.3.5. I still receive an "unable to verify license" window and Poweramp locks. I should also say that these phones did unlock Poweramp using a Play Store purchase version before they were factory reset. "We don't support Yahoo accounts or any sorts of other acco
  11. Yep, it's frustrating. I finally rephrased my question to Poweramp like this: "Must the account be a GOOGLE account or GOOGLE email account? I put a Yahoo email account on the phone and registered it when I bought the unlocker from your website. It won't unlock.Will Poweramp work using a Non-Google email account from the account section of my phone?Your FAQ and emails sure make it sound like it will, that's why I bought it a third time." And got this answer from Poweramp: "When you buy from Poweramp site you may use any account, it doesn't have to be Google." So Poweramp confirms what I
  12. Been using the unlocked Poweramp player for a few years now but always tied to a play store purchase. Chose not to enter a Google account on latest phone and saw this in FAQ: Posted 17 May 2013 - 12:00 PM Q. I have device (tablet, phone) without Google Accounts, can I use Poweramp Full Version? Q. I don't want to use Google Account (e.g. due to the privacy reasons). Can I use Poweramp Full Version? Starting from May 2013 we also support ordinary Email account as Poweramp Full Version account for purchases made on website. This is implemented in Poweramp-(alt)-Full-Version-Unlocker-2.0-bu
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