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  1. I'll raise this, ambitiously, with suggesting that this functionality be extended to the album artist field feature when it gets implemented. These seem like very basic features that significantly improve the functionality of the program. I'm sure that there is some sort of problem with implementing this feature, as it would be done already if there wasn't, but does anybody know what that complication is? Why are there so few players with support for multiple artists? Also, I am personally very thankful that multiple genres is supported by PA.
  2. 5 years I have waited for this feature, and it is still not implemented properly. There is now support for a delimiting character, such as a semicolon, which gets displayed as a slash. Example: A-trak; Clockwork will display as A-track/Clockwork. However, in the artists seciton of Poweramp, this artist is still listed as A-track/Clockwork, instead of under 'A-Track' and 'Clockwork' idividualy as its supposed to. Please add support for this. Thank you.
  3. Anybody find a way to do this on a phone with a large screen? I still have a strip on the top and bottom in the player after expanding the album art to fit the screen.
  4. Take a look at my post called "All Songs"option for folder hierarchy. I've requested a similarly functioning feature that sounds similar to yours.
  5. I have just over 9000 songs in my library, and the "expand all" feature, as you called it, really helps me to listen to some artists that I really like but have forgotten about. It's a way to rediscover your music when you have such a large library, and to do so without mixing in songs that you don't want to hear, like just shuffling all songs and listening to heavy metal, then classical, then folk. It's just weird. Instead, with the right sub folder structure, I get a nice assortment of songs from various artists that are all similar enough to avoid genre collisions. And when I'm not in the m
  6. Optimally, yes. It's been an indispensable option on my desktop media player; having this option makes it easy to quickly play a group of songs without having to make a playlist, physically move files around, or re-navigate to the Library view that has a different organization structure than my folders do (I group one hit wonders in their own folder to reduce the number of artist folders that I see at one time).
  7. Right, but this only allows you to shuffle between the songs of one artist at a time, or one album at a time. What I am proposing is a feature that lets you see all the songs contained in a sub directory, without having to actually put them all into the same folder. An example of how this could be implemented is by having a folder at the top of the list in a hierarchy view that says "all songs" and would direct to a list of all of the songs in the folders below it. Here is an example hierarchy: >Classic Rock >All Songs >(List of all songs in Classic Rock folder, which conta
  8. I, like many users it seems, organize my music library through folders. My primary desktop music player/organizer, MediaMonkey, has an excellent feature where you can display all the songs contained below a folder, even if those songs are not directly contained in that folder. For example: My first folder level is sorted by gene, and after that by artist, after that by album. I would like to be able to play all the songs in my electronic genre folder, (not possible by using the library genre sort, as I have 20+ subgenre's of electronic music) instead of only being able to play one album
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