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  1. I thought I did that last week and it didn't work. It does now. Thank you. Just got to figure out how to get the tracks playing in numerical order now. It always eludes me - List Options -> sort by track number.
  2. Anyone else have an LG V30 and finding that version 828 has lost the punch and High Quality sound.... or is it just me? Example. I am listening to a 24bit Hi-res audio file and in both Neutron & USB Audio Player Pro the music is very detailed and punchy - but played through Poweramp 828 - well - it's just like listening to a long wave radio broadcast in the fog...
  3. I agree with this as well. I'm using an LG V30+ with Quad DAC and both Neutron and USB Audio Player Pro blow Poweramp away with their sound quality.
  4. Couldn't agree with your more. Perhaps there should be a warning notice: Not for muppets with cheap headphones/earbuds - LOL
  5. Max, is the music being down sampled by PA v790? Is there a "bit perfect mode" ? I don't believe v790 is utilising the Quad DAC, but perhaps the built-in DAC instead. The music quality is not as good as the built in music player
  6. I don't think the DAC is being utilised by PA v790 on LG v30. I find the music quality so much better using built in player or USB Audio Player Pro. PA v790 may report it's being used - but I don't believe it is. I think PA v790 is down sampling the music and then passing it to the DAC
  7. Same here. My LG V30+ sounds a whole lot better using the default player as it uses the Quad DAC perfectly whereas I think PA is changing the music quality before the DAC gets it and it's very noticeable.
  8. Yes. I have something similair. When i change the volume using the rocker switches, the volume goes down, then off and then adjusts as if there were two volume controls being used st the same time - or focus changing from PA back to OS and then back to PA.
  9. Loving the new interface. Aware of issues, but am using this as a daily ! Won't report any issue until the next version.
  10. Perhaps you need to mention this to Max and tell him that he needs to send you the latest version so that you can test that you can upload it on his behalf - LOL ;-)
  11. I am amazed at your endless patience. I wish I had your patience. Thank you for your efforts.
  12. Thank you Max. So glad to hear that you are readying beta testing. I'm sure the wait will be worth it. The interface looks nice and snazzy - good refresh - can't wait to test it and start working on darker themes - there's a little too much white for my liking - LOL!
  13. +1 (HTC One) same issue here. Received the OTA update to 4.4.2 and Poweramp stopped playing files. Wiped the whole device, copied new set of media files over and they still won't play. Downgraded to older ROM and Poweramp works fine on the same files. Seems like 4.4.2 has broken something.
  14. I can confirm this. I have wiped my device and re-installed Poweramp - but still get the errors shown above. I went back to an earlier ROM and everything is working fine. The moment I upgrade to 4.4.2 - Poweramp starts showing the errors shown in the first post.
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