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  1. No, nothing happens. Like I write you before only volume changes.
  2. Overall good app. But I got a problem on my S4 with respond buttons. I mean changing tracks next/prev. Because the track is not changing not even when I long press these buttons but only the sound changes. Then you will fix it I will give 5 stars. Sorry for mistakes English is not my native language. Version: 2.0.9-build-541-arm-play full version Store: Play store Skin: 800a0000 /data/app/com.sdtony.Poweramp.skin.sketch-1.apk Device: samsung GT-I9505 MSM8960 jflte jfltexx Installer: com.android.vending (4.4.22) Android: 4.3 JSS15J.I9505XXUEMKF Fingerprint: samsung/jfltexx/jflte:4.3/JSS15J/I9505XXUEMKF:user/release-keys