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  1. It's best you contact Max. Out of every few hundred transactions, there's bound to be one error. Next time please use a payment the rest of the world is using
  2. Are they available yet?
  3. Max, I've been following Poweramp since X10 days when you were in XDA. Thanks for the nice music player. I've switched from SE-X10 to Samsung Galaxy S 2 and now Galaxy Note. Unfortunately Poweramp does not have a 5 column wide widget. Are you going to add Galaxy Note support any time soon? I've actually asked this a while back, but I don't think you've noticed.
  4. no one else wants this?
  5. I wish to humbly request Max MP to support the Samsung Galaxy Note's screen size. All the currrent widgets fall short of the width of this huge beautiful screen. I, and I believe many fans here in Singapore, would love to see this feature on our favorite device from our favorite music player.
  6. I would like to request, for all Galaxy Note and tablet users, for a sets of 5-row widgets. Thank you.
  7. MaxMP, Is there going to be widgets that support screens on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note? I am currently using one but realize the widgets go only up to 4 rows while the screen allow 5. Anyway to allow resizeable widgets? Thanks, Max
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