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  1. Yep! I usually have my own (custom) EQ settings. I normally keep the bass to ~50% & treble to ~70%
  2. If I am not supposed to customize the EQ settings, whats the use of even having those? Moreover whats the use of even buying Poweramp? It'd be great if you could share with me a guide as to what I should be doing and what I should NOT be doing when I have customized EQ settings. Or even something like "best practices". That way, if I am doing something wrong, I can avoid it. Also, I never keep the volume of music to max! Can it be a compatibility issue between Poweramp and the handset manufacturer? I am afraid of using Poweramp again. I own Senheissers worth $100 and thats a big amount when converted to INR (I'm Indian btw). Although I have manufacturer warranty, I dont like the idea of going through the hassle of getting the earphones replaced again and again! I guess I'll have to buy some cheap earphones and try this. But, I'd like to mention again, that since the time I uninstalled Poweramp from my phone, I have not faced any of these issues. As for the stock player, I hate it as much as other users (thats the reason I bought Poweramp), but at least I can listen to music without damaging my earphones!
  3. I use Poweramp on my Galaxy S i9000 & Galaxy S4 i9500. Since the time I have started using this music player, my earphones are getting damaged. This happens anywhere between 1-4 months' average us. When I use the earphones on the app. Either the right, or left, or both earphones stop working! I thought this might be an issue with the earphones. So I changed my Senheisser CX180 Street 2 and bought new CX300 Street 2, the same issue occured. Then I got CX400 and still the same issue. Thinking this might be a compatibility issue between the app and the manufacturer, I switched to Samsung's earphones which came with the phones, and they got damaged as well! I also bought some cheap earphones for the same reason, and even those got damaged. So I uninstalled Poweramp and have been using the Stock music players since then and have never faced the issue. I have purchased Poweramp about 2-2.5 yrs back. I tried the app on my Galaxy S first. Thinking it might be a device issue, I stopped using the app on that phone. Then I tried to use the app on my S4. The issue persisted. Dont know whats wrong. I use the equaliser on custom mode, with the settings somewhere near "rock". The bass and treble knobs are set to about 50% & 70% respectively. Cross fading is turned off. The pre-amp is set to default level. Whats going wrong? Please let me know. I want to use Poweramp over the stock music app, without damaging my earphones.
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