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  1. I just got the Kinivo BTC450 car kit since my car didn't have "native" bluetooth. I am supposed to be able to control the music (advance, replay, start, stop) from the multifunction button. However, my S4 with Poweramp, does not respond. I phoned their support and the tech was unfamiliar with Poweramp and recommended trying it with the "stock" player because it was primarily the responsibility of the app to respond to the commands, not the operating system. I haven't had the opportunity to try google play or whatever the stock is, but I was wondering if he was on the right track? I also update
  2. Am I missing something here? Can't you just open 2 apps? I have no problem running power amp and endomondo simultaneously. I understand that linking to power amp instead of the native player is your choice but my way is an effective work around.
  3. I did hear of issues regarding kitkat and r/w exSd card. To the best of my knowledge, UsCellular halted the uodate on the S4 as a result.
  4. I tried it and it works GREAT....thank you very much
  5. Sorry, haven't had a chance to try but it makes sense, it wou be an adequate work around, I will let you know
  6. I am less satisfied with the MP3 than flac or .wav, but honestly, without owning the "analog" vinyl and a high end turntable, I have no real comparison any more (yeah and about the ears......) Most of my stereo is considered vintage (power amp, speakers and pre date to the mid 70's) HOWEVER I can blow a LOT of the modern stuff right out of the water at any volume. I mean todays real high end stuff is GREAT but i could not justify spending that kind of green. I think enough of Poweramp to include it in my system!
  7. I see that now, bluetooth is "defined" as lossy. For the most part I feed my audio through a very high end stereo. I listen to music a LOT.
  8. I guess that is kind of what I figured/determined by trying EVERYTHING. I really only use the gain to compensate for the volume via aux in on the devices, but for headphones I don't care to blow my eardrums apart (the 60's and 70's did more than enough of that..LOL) I will just have to devise a work-around......Flat with a good wav or flac file seems to mimic the original recording pretty accurately. (the boys on the mixing board recorded it that way for a reason!) Thanks for your response. So let me ask another question, as to fidelity, how would a bluetooth connection stack up against a wire
  9. Here's the issue, there is a slim chance of me using my device speakers on my tab or my S4, so essentially I need 3 equalization settings, wired headphones, car and home stereo. All 3 use the same physical output from the device (headphone jack) So if I assign headphones or wired speakers how does it differentiate?
  10. In my experience, poor sound quality is generally the fault of poor quality files. Given the option i will always rip a .wav or.flac With good headphones or a quality stereo, there is a marked difference.
  11. Fwiw, we are talking about a galaxy tab 2 7.0, jelly bean 4.2.2. I am referring to creating a preset (actually flat with pre amp maxed out) for feeding through my home stereo. I select my preset, but when the track that is playing is through and power amp advances to the next track, it reverts back to the preset designated as wired headphones. It isn't a huge issue as I can certainly pull enough gain out of my stereo (hooray for McIntosh), it just bugs me when I can't get something to do what I think it should. Other than that I love the app. If I could stream Pandora or podcasts i
  12. Been using Power Amp for a couple of years but have yet to be able to figure out how to get an equalization setting to stick around. It seems that when the playlist or album advances, the equalizer reverts to a default, (in my case that is my headphones setting) can I change the setting default and have it universal?
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