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  1. Start with your desired song and then continue with the group you want, easily! Yeah! Suggestion: After finding a song, either by Search or by browsing through Folders/Lib, play then can be selected by holding down the track name or tapping the little drop-down icon for a menu to drop down which will have a play button or other options. Instead of a single play button, it would be fantastic if there were several play buttons (displayed also with text or inner icon) so the song will play and then be followed by songs of the same Genre, Album, Artist, or Folder easily depending on which Play Button is pressed. (Playing will be shuffled depending on the shuffle setting). The total number of Play buttons could be dictated by which List Options are selected (setting under All songs using Android setting button). You may say this feature is not needed, because you can hold and press play for a certain Folder/List and then that group will play. But often playing is wanted to be started from a certain track (and then followed by similar songs), or you just may want to play on from the track in a certain grouping which is different by how you found the track – especially if found by search! The multiple play buttons suggested is very straight forward, easy, self explanatory, and great! The exact desired grouping may not be known, but this method allows play from an example song that is located. Sometimes, a “play by filtered” dialog comes up, but I don’t know what’s this will do exactly or by what filter it’s using! It could be scrapped? The multiple play buttons is a direct simple great method isn't it? All the very best. Love to make Poweramp even better!
  2. I would have thought one of the shuffle options would have done this (albeit with shuffle of songs within an album, which you may not want) because that's the whole point of all the shuffle options. I just tried all shuffle settings. It doesn't work as you wanted. Perhaps there's a bug for shuffle under artists??
  3. I think this could be easily be incorporated by adding the option to the repeat options. There is a repeat one song option. (Icon has a "1" surrounded by two circling arrows.) Another option could be put in with just the "1", without arrows around it, so just one tract will play, play once, and stop. And then ready to be played again in play is pressed.
  4. Yes please make it an option, which is easy to do as there is already an album art settings page. Not all my album art is 1:1 dimensions, I don't like the graphical background that fills in the void. Keep it black (or auto plain colour, or auto black or white, to complicate things!) Yes please make it an option. I personally like though the "shadow" "reflection" that comes down through the controls. That's real classy. Please keep that, or ideally make that an option too. I should recognised that it seems a lot of ingenious effort went into making the auto background fill-in (and perhaps that's where Poweramp started?), sorry but I don't like it when it pops up around non-square album art. I also think there should be a checkbox or something in album art setting so that album art neatly fills up the screen width. Originally it took a lot of grief to realise 107% was needed! All the very best!
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