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  1. Hi, Actually, the problem was not fixed, it's still persisting! Apparently, I was lucky for a few hours, then the problem came back. @Harvestry_of_ghosts I used to think like you, tbh, the new beats studio, the one that just came out is something else, I bought them from a headset store, tried all brands, and in terms of quality of sound, nothing came close, not even the Bose, I was surprised. I did not go there to buy the beats, but I couldn't resist the quality on them.
  2. High priority was turned on already, it seems to have been the problem, turning it off seem to have fixed it, I will play it some more and see if it's stable now! Thank for the help
  3. Hello, I have had the full version of Poweramp for a while now and never had a problem. Yesterday, I bought the new Beats Studio wireless (bluetooth), and I started playing music on them, after a couple of minutes, problems started, when I receive any kind of notification (msg, call, FB, etc.) on my phone, I completely lose the bluetooth signal and I have to power off/on my headset to get it back. Also, sometimes, when I use the controls on the actual headset, volume, skip song, etc., it loses the bluetooth connection too. At first I thought it was a problem with my headset, but I played t
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