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  1. Hi guys, Small follow up of this item: on my device the Poweramp is launched again after the phone call... But it restarts the music from the beginning !! Regards.
  2. Hello, I am using the french Language of Poweramp. It is a full version (I bought the Unlocker). All features works fine except the cover selection from SD card. When I keep pushing on the "Poweramp no cover" sign when a song is playing, it opens the screen loading covers from internet. There are here 2 buttons at the bottom: "Load from SD Card" ("à partir de la carte SD" in french) and "Close". When I want to use a cover from the SD card, the picture browser opens, I select the picture I want to use, it goes back to Poweramp and............. nothing happens :/ I gues it is a bug but I did not find anywhere someone who talks about it. I just noticed something (2minutes ago where I am trying to fix it for days now !!): the application opened when browsing from SD card is "Drive". If I type on the upper left "Recently" button to open the "open from" I can select my default picture tool (quickpic) and then select the picture. And here it works. In other words I cannot select directly the picture from the Poweramp browser, I need to select another "from" application. May you check what is happening please ? Device: Google (LG) Nexus 5 Android v4.4.2 build KOT49H Poweramp 2.0.9 build 539-arm-play (full version) Moutchou