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  1. Hi, I built a big LED matrix display for displaying the current song info of my antique DOS based player (see www.trektech.de if you like). But today I mostly use Poweramp for laying music, so that display keeps dark :-( Can I somehow get the current song info from Poweramp to the display's webserver? Lets say a plugin do an http-get on song change containing the sng info like this: http://mydisplay/cmd?name=songname&artist=artistname Poorly I have no programming skills on Android, so maybe someone can help? Thank you Thorsten
  2. Hi, I am a bit irritated how Poweramp adds selected songs to the currently played item. I navigate through the library, select an artist, then an album of that artist and then a song. Then Poweramp starts playing the whole album. But thats not what I want, I want to only play that selected song. If I want to play an album I would longpress an album and select play. Can I somehow select a single song for playing? Can I somehow clear or edit the currently playing list? It seems not to be the queue. Can I somehow show all songs of an artist without the need for selecting the album before? I find
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