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  1. I'd like to add my vote to this. Fine control over forward winding and rewinding is essential to me in a music player. I could do it on my ancient tape cassette player so it should be a feature on an mp3 player. I very often want to skip back 5-10 seconds in a track to re-hear a phrase. It shouldn't be difficult to include this feature. For example, as an option the progress bar at the bottom could be replaced by a wheel just like the Volume wheel so that turning the wheel backwards, for example, would rewind the track by a few seconds. Alternatively just add a "-7 secs" button as in "Just Pla
  2. I have an Android HTC Desire phone with Poweramp. Poweramp has been running fine for at least 6 months and I'm very happy with its features. Today an attempt to sync my music from MediaMonkey to Poweramp on the phone seems to have gone disastrously wrong. The memory on the phone card has been filled up to the brim although the amount of music in MediaMonkey wouldn't have justified this. I now want to delete all the music from the phone to start over again. How do I do this ?
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