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  1. Hey, thanks for the information. Woah, that's a lot of time. Is he a solo-developer or something? Nobody to help him out (or the task is just not parallelizable)? Anyway, wish him good luck
  2. Since we're still waiting for the another patch, I'd like to report (again?) what I've found during that (way too long) period between releases. But first: Phone: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803) running Android 5.0.2 BT headset: Sony MDR-AS600BT Bug list: - Sleep timer's Play Last Song To End doesn't work (as far as I remember, since the transition to v3 Alpha). - After the last patch, If the player was not used for a while, and you try to wake it up with BT headset button, it beeps, starts for a moment and stops. Next try works. - After the last patch, external devices (such as Pebble smartwatch) can only start playback, after that there is no way to stop it or switch the track. - The player can sometimes fail to play anything, resulting in no sound and either: progressbar works normally but visualisation shows no sound visualisation shows full scale on all frequency ranges (still no sound) the only ways to fix that is to exit the player and wait until process terminates or remove it from the processes list by hand - Some issues with DVC + BT + MusicFX (no sound at all) but that wasn't as annoying as the things above These things were found by me in the first days after the update, and they're still as annoying as they were a couple months ago. Other than that, it's great I've been able to get around the watch problem using my custom app for it, but that doesn't make it any less broken. On that note, Poweramp API still isn't updated It was supposed to allow you to rebuild the complete UI, but I can't find things such as an option to control Sleep Timer or get the data from the "Extra meta info below seek bar" (which I use for showing the next track). Please, it's the best player on the market, and I still love it, so please update us on the progress, and hopefully release quick patch for the known bugs, before going back to the major functionalities.
  3. Yup, same here (Pebble Time). This has been going on since @maxmp started messing with Bluetooth control. Now I'm forced to use my custom Pebble watchapp, which I've not yet shared.
  4. Since Illumination API is available, it would be really nice addition indeed. There is special pre-defined fading pattern for audio, maybe it would work out of the box.
  5. @MaxMP Thank you so much for this update, as well as public beta versions. At first time I was little scared about new Poweramp layout and functions, but when I've found out how to change settings like replay/shuffle from player menu, and in next beta I've found better equalizer/volume options, I was more than happy. I also like that skins can be placed on SD card (I'm still on Xperia X8 with stock 2.1) and lockscreen (but I have small problem with it). So far, these are the only things I have problems with: too sensitive track change gesture on album art (somebody have mentioned it earlier); it seems for me that "shuffle" isn't as random as it used to be, maybe that "permanent shuffle" isn't reshuffled after playing all tracks, at least for me; sometimes I'm (not intentionally) changing some options on lockscreen while trying to get my phone out of the pocket, I guess I'll have to change or disable it. I asked you if it could be possible to make an option to change tracks with long pressing volume buttons (like on non-walkman SE phones like K770i). The thing is that I don't have any buttons on my earphones, so it would be a nice substitute, instead of getting phone out of pocket just to change track. Thanks in advance for that. I've heard that there is some external program on market for it, but I don't have free space on my X8 (if I'll go under 21.5MB, it will stop to sync SMS'es). Thanks for keeping this player the best. (PS. If I could also listen to my *.S3M, *.IT, *.MOD and *.MID musics on mobile device... Ah, it would be awesome).
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