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  1. Hello, So this app is pretty fantastic, but I'm running into one issue and that is really bugging me that I'm hoping someone has run into and resolved (there didn't seem to be a topic on this already, but if there has, my apologies). Background info: I'm on an LG Ally rooted with the Velocity 1.2 ROM. My headphones are Klipsch S4a. Normally, the headset controls work just fine, albeit with a slight delay (it takes about a split second for the app to respond to button presses). However, if a song is not playing and the screen is turned off, the button presses don't do anything until the screen is turned back on, at which point all of the button presses happen at once (so if I had pressed the button three times, but spread out in time, the app registers this as a triple click when the screen is turned on). If a song is playing and the screen is turned off, the button responds. However, if the song is paused after the screen is turned off, the button only works for several seconds afterwards. I noticed that during this time, I can hear white noise coming from my headphones. When I no longer hear the white noise, the app stops responding to the buttons until I turn the screen back on. I was wondering if anybody knew how to get the app to respond without having to turn the screen on (which defeats the purpose of having headset controls to begin with). Things I have tried: 1. Increase the priority of the headset controls in the settings. 2. Tried it with lock screen widget both enabled and disabled. Could it be an app that is causing this? Do you guys know of some apps that could commonly cause this issue? Thanks for your time!
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