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  1. Want it badly. Right now it is quite difficult to navigate through the library. What I really crave is having an option of providing a custom sequence of custom tags to be used to granulate the library, potentially with a different sorting (e.g. navigate using %album artist%\%album%\%track% sorted by %album artist%\%date%\%discnumber%-%tracknumber%)
  2. Issues: 1) Some wv albums with embedded cue files have been broken into tracks, some have not (erase and rescan did not help) 2) Very few album covers appear as thumbnails of the "folders" in the library Requests: 1) Please please add the support for custom grouping patterns in library based on tags (meaning virtual folders of the format %tag1%\%tag2%\%tag3%\...\%tagN%). The very least is to add fixed grouping by "%album artist%\%album%" tag in the "List options". 2) Allow custom sort for each of the above mentioned folders. For example if ii choose the grouping according to "%tag1t%\%tag2%" allow to choose choose sorting by %tag3% for the first folder and sorting by %tag4% for the second folder. At the very least allow sorting albums by date, not the name.
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