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  1. I can't believe that this issues haven't been fixed yet! I experience this problem too. I didn't have any clue what is causing this but after reading the last post from @thun this with the end of the lists has sense because this happened a few minutes ago and I reached the end of a folder. The interesting thing is that the random song which was scrobbled is from another folder, and I never listened to this song before.
  2. XploD

    Access to root directory

    I don't know what happened but Poweramp suddenly recognized my external drive! I tried to change mount point of my external drive but it didn't work so I tried again in Poweramp and here it is, located in /mnt/usb_storage. Now I assume what was my problem; my HDD name was "VESTERN DIĐITAL ELEMENTI" and it worked in most applications but when I had to do something in Terminal, this Đ letter was making problems so I renamed it in WD. It's possible that Poweramp had issues with non-standard letter as well.
  3. XploD

    Access to root directory

    I didn't want to write a long message. I'm using Poweramp on my AndroidTV for months but today I bought a USB hub to be able to connect my HDD. I've been looking the whole day how to create a virtual folder on sdcard but I didn't find anything. I managed to create a virtual folder for a network and I was able to play music from my laptop in Poweramp. But I can't find how to create a virtual folder from another folder. My music is not in the root directory. Poweramp doesn't have to be a root app to gain access to a folder outside the "sdcard" (the sdcard on mk808 is actually it's internal memory). It just have to be able to navigate on the / directory to gain access to /mnt/external_storage. I tried ArmAmp and XBMC, both of them works without a problem (and my device isn't rooted as far as I know). Also, I believe that Winamp and PlayerPro could do the same. Only Poweramp has to complicate things. If it's possible, can you please tell me how to create that virtual folder? Otherwise, is there any way to edit some Poweramp files and add link to my external storage manually? Is there a file where those things are stored?
  4. I bought Poweramp a long time ago for my phone and I love it since then. It was the best player in the world untill today. I decided to use it on my AndroidTV (mk808 stick) and I was shocked when I saw that I can't access to my 150GB music collection on my external HDD. Poweramp base folder is /mnt/sdcard and my external is located at /mnt/usb_storage/...... I thought it was a bug untill I read somewhere that it's not a bug. What a shame for a paid application! I'm so mad and angry right now and I'm requesting from devs to tell me how to edit Poweramp to be able to access the root directory. Or how to manually add path to my external HDD. I don't care if I broke my player I just want to listen to my music on external HDD. And no, don't tell me that you will add this in next version. I need this immediately.