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  1. Information: Poweramp 2.0.9-build-564-play SAMSUNG-SM-G900A (G900AUCU1ANCE) KitKat 4.4.2 Stock (rooted) Occasionally, the aduio skips, for whole seconds at a time (mostly while driving). Even with the buffer set to +750ms, and the thread priority set to highest. At first I thought it was just the phone's power save mode, but even with that off, it still skips.
  2. Well, now i'm stumped... I just added about, 30 songs to my card, and hit Rescan, and it did it again..
  3. Even without the Unlocker, Poweramp restarts about 3/4 through a full scan. UPDATE: I unchecked "parse CUE files in virtual folders" and It works just fine. Porblem is, this is the ONE feature I use the most most.
  4. Hi, I have purchased Poweramp on Google Play in the past. My phone recently decided to work again, and I updated everything. I put a new SD card in my phone, and hit Full Scan on Poweramp. About 3/4 way through, Poweramp restarted, and told me to buy the Unlocker. (This also happend when I tried to use the app's "Get Support" function) Poweramp-Full Version 2.0.9 build 534 Galaxy S2 Skyrocket - Android 4.1.1 Stock, Rooted
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