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  1. Okay i fingered it out. Turns out another app update added support for the headset button, adn the freaking thign ran in teh background, blocking commands to Poweramp.
  2. Hello. I've been using my single-button headphones with Poweramp for about 2 months, no problems. Then the otehr day, It just stopp taking the command from the button. All that happes is that the screen comes out of sleep. My phone still takes the command for other apps, ad other headsets respond the same. So the button works, and the phone receives the input. THe button had always worked in the past, and with the pervious version of Poweramp. I've tried resetting Poweramp, dis- and re-enabled the "Respond to Buttons" option, Neither have had an affect. I've lso nto installed any programs that influence the button, and even disabled any new app, just in case. Anything else I should try? Poweramp v2.0.9-build-548 Android 4.1.2 Haier w910 Custom ROM. Cannot remember which I tried so many before sticking with this one, On a side note, is it normal for the screen to come out of sleep when headphone buttons are used? Is this expected behaviour?
  3. Hi there. I've been noting most file are not being deleted after I delete them in Pwoeramp. In for Library and Folder views, adn weather or not I have Delete Action turned on. This mostly happens with podcasts. Poweramp Pro v2.0.9-build-534 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Haier w910
  4. M Hm please add this. I often split my books into 15 minute chunks, but it's still annoying. Otherwise I just jot down he file and time in a note and stick it to my homescreen, or just remember the time. I think Poweramp is awesome, but i was surprisd to not see this. Why not just have the program write a tiny bookmark file when stopping or pausing, and store it in the files' folder, or in the Poweramp data/obb folder?
  5. Ah yes i was about to post this very thign for a feature suggestion. Many players ahve a dedicated section for audio files with "Podcast" as the genre. Perhaps there, could Poweramp show a 'played' or 'new' marker for unheard files. EDIT: D'uh okay i see the Podcasts genre.Still, it'd be nice to show which have been played, and which have not.
  6. Ability to change long-press length. Mark played or unplayed files. Resume track (not just the last one, and after a restart) tap-&-drag or use arrows to mvoe tracks around current queue. option to delete file when removing from Queue makeleft/right balacne set one side to zero volume. As it stand, the balance barely changes, with both stereo and Mono files. (whether or no Mono is selected) thanks
  7. I though that this would be a good function for the button at bottom-lift on the player screen. As it stands, it just goes back to Folders or Albums. Goign back to the last folder/playlist/etc. you were at would be neat. Or at least have an option to configure this.
  8. I've been having this problem, too: Balance control does not affect Monaural audio, whether or not "mono" is enabled. I checked Accessability,and have no option for mono audio. Poweramp v2.0.9-build-534 Haier w910 Android 4.0.4
  9. I like being able to delete multiple songs from the queue, but when I wasn't to delete some old songs or podcasts in a single album, I ahve to do it one at a time. using the same (or similar) Tag at the far-right of the song name, as seen in the Queue screen. This woudl also make it wasier to Enqueue multiple files
  10. I love the ability to have Poweramp take over the Lock Screen, but have you sonsidered adding a 'slide elft for camera' function like the original Lock Screen has? Or even the ability for other functions liek Browser, or even an app/file/etc. of the users' choice?
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