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  1. Finally i've found at least some info about my issue. First: for me 2 apps suddenly don't work anymore. The game "The Bards Tale" worked before and now crashes right before the title screen. Of course i've tried all the usual things, like factory reset, reinstalling or installing to internal storage. To Power Amp: I've purchased it on my previous device (S2) and now i'm using it on my Note 2 since about a year. I've never had any problems with it until suddenly this issue appeared. I can't play any track anymore. The album covers and names are all there, but the play button doesn't react. When i close and re-open Power Amp the message "Too many files failed..." pops up. What i've tried: -A factory reset. -I've copied the music to the internal storage and removed the external sd from the search folders. -I've reinstalled Power Amp and the Unlocker. Nothing worked. The strange thing is: Gone Mad music player works normally. Also the stock music player and the music player widgets from TSF Shell launcher and Next launcher are all working. Also my about 50 other games are working. It's only The Bards Tale and Power Amp that doesn't work anymore. My specs: Device: Galaxy Note 2 Firmware: Stock 4.1.2 rooted Kernel: Perseus Kernel (both apps worked before with that kernel. No kernel update was done) To all: Which device do you use? Which firmware version? If you run Android 4.1.2: have you done a small firmware update some months ago?
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