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  1. Yes on both, I have just tried 2 other music apps and they work fine with these units, it's always the way that one that is the best turns out to be the one that won't work properly. I don't have an Xtrons, the two units I have are actually two different makes so you could say thats 3 different makes that now have this issue. However I do not believe the make has much to do with it as these chinese head units are more or less a much of a muchness.
  2. Lol I will just try and get a response in here with the plethora of other people falling over themselves to help you. I too have an octacore unit, well 2 actually running Android 6 and 6.1 and also have this issue. Lets hope V3 solves this problem.
  3. Hi all, Any idea why PA is not pausing when I get a call come in? Have checked audio focus settings and all box's that should be ticked are ticked. The music actually seems to get louder when I accept a call!
  4. I have read several people are having issues with decoder timeout but their requests for help and completely ignored, I assume this means nobody has any idea what this is? I also notice that when this happens, all songs vanish and a reboot is required. This issue also seems to reset the most played list which is a real pain in the bum as this was the one feature I had been waiting for from PA
  5. Well many thanks for your great support, I can see it pays to go pro just to get the great service that a paying customer should recieve.
  6. Hello, I have been using the paid version of PA for about a year and have been very happy with it, having just installed a new ROM due to some phone issues PA just refuses to find the music on my ext sd card, all the folders are selected so it knows to look for the music but every time I scan if comes back with nothing, I have also noticed that when it scans the program seems to freeze, it it goes back to the settings screen for a few seconds freezes and then goes back to the player screen and does not find any music, yet every other music player app I have has no problem finding and playing the music, I am at my wits end to sort this out, I must have deleted and re installed the app about 50 times with no luck, I have even tried to reformat the sd card but the result is always the same... NO MUSIC! I am having to use a media player which I hate becasue its just not as good as PA but atleast it finds the music!... Your help is appreciated!!!
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