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  1. Yes , there must be import/export media data. Its very annoying to loose all song ratings, playlists [though it can be exported] when I need to reset my phone. There should be only 1 file to be exported containing playlists, media ratings etc. Please have this implemented.
  2. Really like this idea. Please have this implemented.
  3. Hi, I would like to propose a new idea. How about a Poweramp dashboard. This dashboard will show mots played tracks, most favourite tracks, play counts,currently played track etc. There should be easy toggling feature to toggle to player and back to dashboard. The dashboard will also contain next track...etc. Its like a mission control for Poweramp. Do you like the idea members? Developers, Can this be implemented?
  4. Listening to music is dependent on mood. Don't you agree guys. Can we have this facility like moodagent do. All in favour..please support.
  5. I am talking about both. We can have a wireless copy/sync facility of the songs between the PC and the Android, and manage the playlist through PC. We can also have a convention of playing the Poweramp playlists directly in the PC as we can play last.fm playlists in spottify.
  6. I think a lot of people would like this request. I am talking about wireless sync with PC/MAC/Linux. Can we have this feature?
  7. Poweramp is THE best music player available in android market. I am a die hard fan of Poweramp. I only listen music in Poweramp. I also scrobble a lot of music to Last.fm with Poweramp. I think it would be a great idea to integrate the goodness of Last.fm directly into Poweramp. In this way everybody will be able to track what are their music taste are and try new similar artists. Also the number of plays can be tracked. What do you think Poweramp developers...Can we have this sweet treat ??
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