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  1. I have already made ​​many procedures according to the rules with your team by email without success. I no longer reply despite a new attempt. Thanks.
  2. So I've purchased Poweramp again but this this directly on your website, I've added to my settings for my e-mail synchronization, but I don't understand, it show me like a business adress, not an simple email adress, and synchronisation still Off, Is this normal ?), then I download Poweramp 2.0 Build 22 (now activator fused with Poweramp ?) and the last Poweramp 2.0.9 build 534. Few hours and "Failed license check APM response - No valid google accounts". Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I purchased Poweramp on Google Play Store so I'm in the firt case. Are you sure I can add my old account to Accounts & Sync (like an email) ? Because I enter my old account, and of course it does not recognize it. So you don't play migrate google license to an email address if I purchaced on Playstore right ? Anyway I do not have the order number. I think I'll have to repurchase but this time directl on your website.
  4. Let me explain, I bought the application a few months ago, but since I deleted my google account for reasons of confidentiality.Only the application crashes and shows me:"Failed to check the licenseGoogle Play response - NOT_LICENCED ".I would like the license verification done a different way, and if it's possible how ?thanks. (French traduction)
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