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  1. Dear Developer´╝Ü First I would like to thank for developing such a nice audio player on Android, which name is Poweramp, After I tried it I found it awesome and soon I bought it, and I'm waiting for your future update on version 3.0. I have a suggestion for this app, it's adding tags for my music, and according to those tags to make a playlist for different situations. For example, if I got 500 pieces of music in my phone, there'll be some different ways of classifing them: Pop, Rap, Jazz, or English, Chinese, Japanese, or happy, sad, relaxed, or for sunny days, rainy days, before sleeping, while walking, Since there're so many different ways of classifications, it's impossible to put those files in a single directory. If I want to listening before I go to sleep, and when I click the playlist, none of those playlist including Folders, Artists, Albums and so on will be perfect for pre-sleeping. But if there's a tagging system, it will sovle that problem. While adding this music on my phone, I can tag them with "English", "Relaxed", "Sleeping" and other tags, and do this to all of my music, then it will be much more easy to generate a play list perfect for those situations. Since some of the tags are common used, it will be better to add a list of common tags for users to select with, it cuts a lot of time and make tagging music faster. I don't know if it is hard to developing such features, but I didn't see any other apps which have such fuctions. If you can make it in the future version of Poweramp, I'll be grateful for your work. Thanks for reading this. Regards Dilover======================================================= Do you think this is a great idea?
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