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  1. Hi Max, please don't forget the implementation of replaygain support in the next major update!
  2. Hi Max, Poweramp is getting better and better and it's nearly perfect! But the fact that album art for single tracks which have no embed album art but a jpg file "filename.jpg" in the same folder is not currently shown in the now playing screen is driving me crazy! I know it would be possible to embed each cover for each track in the mp3 tag, but I still prefer single jpg's. Please support "filename.jpg" for album art in the next minor update! THANKS!
  3. How many apps support this methodology? I guess that since I don't see it in any car players and the vast majority of portable software/hardware players, using MP3gain just worked for me. It is interesting though, and I'd like to see how it's implemented in another app to try it out. I'm using replaygain on my ipod 5.5 with opensource rockbox firmware (rockbox.org) an on pc with foobar2000 and it works like a charm. I don't know if replaygain is supported on other portable devices.
  4. If the last track in a folder has been played, the player automatically starts playing the first song of the next folder. It would be great to have the possibility to choose in the settings, if the player plays the next folder or if the player stops playing at the end of the folder (and jumps back (paused) to the first song of the played folder - like a cd in the cd-player)
  5. For me, replaygain is still the better way to level your mp3's. I have applied replaygain to all my mp3's and it's working perfect. With replaygain you're able to set the volume level for the single track and for the whole album. With the right replaygain support in power-amp it would be possible to activate the replaygain-level for the album in normal playmode and the single-track-level in shuffle mode. The only thing that has to be implemented is the general replaygain support and an option in the configuation menu to decide which replaygain level has to be applied. The options in the menu s
  6. using "filename.jpg" for each track I have a folder, named "singles" with a lot of single tracks in it, not assigned to a specific album. Each track has it's own album art (filename.jpg). It would be perfect, if these album arts are displayed when the tracks are played. For example look at the mortplayer app, where this is working perfectly.
  7. Implementation of an exit button An exit button is needed to close the player without keep running in background
  8. Real folder structure When using the folder view, all folders are shown, with all subfolders. I use a lot of albums with two cd's. Each cd in one subfolder. For example: mainfolder: "album", subfolder: "cd1" and "cd2". At the moment, in folder view, both subfolders are shown, named with their subfolder name "cd1" and "cd2". This is irritating. It would make sense, if only the mainfolders are shown. The subfolders should only be shown, when tapping the mainfolder. For example look at the mortplayer app, where this is working perfectly.
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