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  1. I have 2 requests for new features that are somewhat related, but each can be equally separate. 1. Why is your sleep timer limited to 2 hours? I travel weekly and usually listen to music while I sleep and would like to have it play more than 2 hours, but not all through the night. Can't you extend your timer to go 8 hours (or beyond)? 2. Can you add a "Stop Playing on Low Battery" option? That way my phone will not completely discharge a battery while playing music. I use my phone as an alarm clock and if I have the option to have Poweramp automatically stop when it detects a low battery, I won't have to worry about my alarm not going off. I almost always plug in my phone at night, but this new option would cover the chance of a power failure and my phone losing its power. If I can't plug it in it protects me from not setting a sleep timer or setting one that is too long to support the remaining battery. Both of these options were available on my Palm Phone's standard music player and are something I wish Poweramp had as features.
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