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  1. yes its a must feature.. if it can implement without complexities
  2. Requires this features asap.. Those who complain abt high memory usage for floating lyrics, mini lyrics have released their own android app which takes much less ram than Poweramp.. so in my view, floating lyrics wouldn't add much to ram & in this way we save synchronization problem as lrc file can be played both from mobile & pc. musixmatch don't give lyrics file which can't be used in pc & also consume more ram in my xiaomi mi3 Poweramp consumes ~50mb musix match consumes ~120mb mini lyrics consumes ~25mb
  3. I want power amp that support floating lyrics (.lrc files) which are in same location as the mp3 song with same name as mp3. And to download floating lyrics, mini lyrics is an excellent platform for .lrc database in which user can make and upload its .lrc file...There are lyrics for every song that i have.. Link : http://www.crintsoft.com/minilyrics_download_android.htm I want power amp to integrate this must have functionality. Its better than having other extension which is forcibly running in background consuming large amount of ram.
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