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  1. I'm running the latest build of CyanogenMod available for the Sony Xperia X10. I'll send the catlog and more information to you via pm.
  2. You really need to have an option to completely disable the Library scanner. The library was scanned with the previous version, installing the update shouldn't cause it to run again automatically. The scanner crashes my rom every time it runs, so basically I can't use the newest version because there is no way to fully disable the scanner. Sure you can tell it not to in the options, but that doesn't actually keep it from running every time the phone is rebooted.
  3. Poweramp "Library scan" caused my phone to freeze (got to about 65% the time I was watching it) and then the phone rebooted. This happened twice before the third time, when it seemed to finish the scan. After one more reboot the phone seems to have stored the Library correctly. This happened with a fresh install of Poweramp from the market. Approximately 2000+ songs on a 32GB Class10 SD Card, works fine through the stock music player. Mix of mostly MP3, a couple m4a and a few Flac files. Sony Xperia X10a running CyanogenMod CM7.1.0 FXP-045 (Link)
  4. I've got a few more artist folders than 150 on my phone and it definitely has issues keeping them in cache and it starts to bog down the device if I scroll through them quickly. Would it be possible to get this number increased? Running on an Xperia X10
  5. It seems to work for me in the latest Cyanogenmod (with stock player not Poweramp), whereas it didn't work on my manufacturer branded software. This link may be useful: http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#q,status:merged+project:CyanogenMod/android_external_bluetooth_bluez,n,z Cheers, SA
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