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    DLNA UPnP support

    Yeah, Id be willing to pay for a extra addon if you can add this. It would really make Poweramp the one and only player. Just take a look at Airdroid! You can do better!
  2. Some Kind of ITunes syncing or Media Monkey syncing would be great! Including Ratings etc...
  3. YippieYeah

    PowerAMP v2.0 Beta 1

    I realised that when I went jogging listening to music i have quite a few dropouts / cracking on my samsung galaxy s2 2.3.5. Doesnt happen with the samsung music app.
  4. Hello, I use Media Monkey 4 to sync my music to my SGS2. The standard music app recognizes my Playlists in the folder scdard/Playlists. I also added that folder to the Music Folders of Poweramp. Could you point out what Im doing wrong or is it simply not supported, or how I could possibly sync playlists? Thank you P.S. that would really convince me in purchasing this player. But i def dont want to create all my music playlists again since the standard music app supports it.