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  1. I i got a huawei p20 pro something weird apear tag disapear when i launched the player for the first time, it s a fresh install, can you fix it please ? Or i can install an older version ?
  2. Hi, i love your app awesome really i used it since the begining and i follow all update ? good job ??. i have a suggestion is it possible to link a spotify accout with ? why ? because in spotify it left a big thing that your app have... it's autostart spotify playlist. It can be a plug in developped by you and if you talk with spotify it can be a good business for you no ? what do you think about this ? ? it can open you new featues as 'wake up with a spotify song' or 'wake up with another song' i think you will have their api links easily to do that ?
  3. Good but ... I can see the volume control ... it's normal ?
  4. Hello ! Your beta version is excelent but it will be better if there is a french tranlation
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