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  1. Before I get started, please note that this is not a rant (as we all understand that you have many requests coming at you regularly from your user base) but rather another reminder about ratings. I as well as many other users feel exactly the same way. The only "major" thing we all really agree on is the need for rating (and possibly play count) syncing to/from tags. Worst case scenario, a compatible sync format for importing/exporting ratings the way several other music apps have gone. Rating music is how many of us maintain our playlists as a song's rating can change as often a person's tastes. Rating based sync and play lists are some of the most commonly used by users with large databases and the most convenient way to maintain these ratings is on the go, as we listen to each song. Sitting down in front of a computer to rate each song is just not feasible for most people. This is a feature that has been "in the works" for a couple of years now and many of us are beginning to wonder if it will ever be implemented as the date has slipped multiple times. As ikjadoon mentioned, many of us would pay good money to either buy the app again, or purchase a separate license for this feature. We can all appreciate that you have significantly improved the application over the years and at no additional cost to existing license holders. Would it not be prudent to then make a new licensed release (separate from the 2.x release) so that you can have a new influx of cash to possibly temporarily hire additional developers to help implement this (and perhaps a few other highly requested features)? I know I personally would even be game to simply participate in a kickstarter fund for certain features. Having a separate fund for each major feature (or feature set) that people can donate or pledge to with funding goals and commitment dates would be an excellent way to help accelerate development and prioritization for new Poweramp features.
  2. If you have art embedded, then it will definitely display in Poweramp as maxmp stated. I embed all of my artwork into my files and have yet to have an issue with this feature. You need to verify that iTunes is indeed updating the tags in your files (there are scripts out there that will force iTunes to do this if you do not know how). Otherwise, use one of the many free applications out there that will embed the album artwork into your music files.
  3. Regarding request #4, if you use the Balance adjustment knob (next to Mono in Tone/Vol), you can adjust the left/right balance exactly as you desire. True, it's not a slider, but it's a better space saver and more in line with what most people expect for this adjustment. Hope that helps!
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