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  1. Technically thats a photo not a screenshot (click to make them bigger)
  2. Nice update really really digging the new Widget options in this version particularly the 4x4 version I still think the landscape view of the player is lacking compared to the old market version but new widgets are nice and much nicer in landscape when you don't set to fill the area http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/9906/screenshot1319345246022.png
  3. Just tried this out and while I generally like the new UI there are somethings that just look wrong to me. The first one is the glow around the album art I really think it would look better with just simple 1 pixel thick grey/blue border around it (yes I know its a crappy cover) I'd also think that would give room to stick the repeat and shuffle buttons back in the main UI without having to click on the album art to get to them Second is the landscape mode of the new skin has been greatly reduced in functionality the old one was much better with the controls placed on the side of the album ar
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