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  1. CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Keep up the great work! Thank you !
  2. Playlist Import (again) I still don´t agree with the decision to stop to use system playlist. The system playlist are being used in version 1.4 without any problem and making more powerfull the Poweramp. The Poweramp playlists can be used for they own features and who wants , in a advanced use, can use the system playlist (and also the Poweramp playlist). You have the choice to make options to use one or other way. Your choice can be the default. You can hide this option just for advanced users. You can update the system playlist (not create a new at each importing), etc...There are a lot of w
  3. PLAYLISTS IMPORT IN BETA 2!!! It´s not a good solution ! Because: 1- If I want to add one playlist more I import all my playlist again. (Rock , Rock 1 , Rock 2 .....Party, Party 1, Party 2...) 2- To import playlist I need to go to the settings menu e sub-menus. 3- I lost the playlist automatic integration with others softwares (like Playlist Builder or "like Ipod Genius" MixZing Playlist ). Everything is good enough or excellent in beta 2 version. It´s possible to use it immediately (don´t need to wait the official version). But the Playlist importing is terrible. Jorge
  4. Congratulation, Poweramp is not just the best android player, but the best in any OS. Better then IPhone or IPod, with Motorola Defy hardware is really iPod killer. This new version is wellcome and will be better than ever. My opinion: Changes that is amazing: 1- New UI. 2- Big buttons. 3- More options for all and show it with a long press. 4- The option to go to the artist or album of a playing song. 5- More list options, especially the composer list (a dream for me) . Can't you add a "album artist" list too? Sugestions: 1- Two kind off queue (side by side in the option): "queue next" and
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