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  1. Awesome build! I would say "release" but I'll reserve that for the final. One thing I'm noticing, and I'm not sure I noticed this in beta1, or the previous stable release - due to how I'm syncing my music to my SGS2 device I have a few album folders that have album art, but no longer actually have any MP3/AAC files in them - however, Poweramp still shows them up as valid albums ( took me a while to work out why beta2 was adding 0 files to the queue - NO FILES *doh* ). It'd be great if Poweramp hid them from view.
  2. Hey all, Have been rocking the 2.0beta for the last day or so and love what I see - two niggly things with the queue keep coming to mind: - Don't add duplicate tracks - would be nice if there was a menu option, or a setting to prevent duplicates from being queued. If a songs already queued up, don't add it again unless I want it added again ( handy for when adding playlists to the queue ) - Automatically remove a track from the queue once listened to. The queue seems to track the played tracks by marking them grey/dark, but would also be nice to maybe (setting?) remove a track from the queue once played. Mark
  3. ...an update to my previous post ( I can't reply and make a thread as it still being moderated ). I just realized I found the smart playlists earlier, but these are Poweramp -defined- smart playlists - and not end-user editable ( they are to a degree tho ). Customized smart playlist that I often use: - Played 0 times ( great for tracking music you've added, but not yet heard ) - Least Recently Played ( similar to recenly played, only it takes from the bottom of the stack rather the top - great for revisitig music you've not played in a while ). - Least Played ( again, similar to Most Played, but from the bottom ). A lot of these "least" style rules I've often used to track new music I get, and after collecting music for 20+ years my collection is LARGE, so having a rules that pull in a good "revisit old music - and surprise my ears" is great ( random/shuffle works, but I see theres no shuffle options for album/artist ).
  4. Discovered Poweramp yesterday was suitably impressed - easily the best media player on Android I've found so far - THEN I found the 2.0 beta 1 release - EVEN BETTER! I was reading somewhere earlier in the forums that "smart playlists" were to be included in 2.0 but can't seem to find it anywhere - has this feature been dropped/skipped from beta1? ( my iTunes life is ruled by smart playlists, and have yet to find a suitable alternative ). Another side question - should songs be removed from the queue once played? I see that they're not, but are coloured differently to indicate that they've been played,
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