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  1. I can also confirm that this is happening for me too... a bit odd. The albums play fine in folders mode but when in library mode they refuse to play. BTW excellent work on the beta-2 The genre split on "/" is gone - w00t
  2. Please Help Max... I've installed the beta-2 and I get get force close errors and can not start the app at all... I've tried - restarting the phone and uninstalling the classic skin and widget pack - still no luck. I've got a Galaxy SII running 2.3.3 going to try unstalling and re-installing beta-1 thanks, spm Update: I rollect back to beta-1 (intsalled on top of beta-2) and that is working ok but if I try to install beta-2 again I still get force close errors and the app shuts down instantly ... I'll have to stick to beta-1 for now
  3. thanks Admin... Is there any way to change the default genre split characters? I'd rather do that than retag my entire collection... thanks, spm
  4. Hi Max, Is there a way to configure or change which characters are used for genre splitting? Thanks, spm
  5. cheers Admin... is there a config file or somewhere I can change these 2 characters to something else?
  6. Hi Max, great app and am loving the beta so far but I do have one possible bug for you.... "splitting of MP3 genre tags" I've got custom genres on most of my albums and with the previous version of the app these were not read at all now they are mostly getting read correctly... examples of ones that are not are; "Alt. Rock (Oz/NZ)" is resulting in 2 genres -> "Alt. Rock Oz" and "Nz)" both containing all of the same albums and with exact same song counts So I thought that it might be the "/" character... However I've also got the following; "Alt. Rock (US)" resulting in "Alt. Rock (US)" (correct) with 1104 songs (also correct) and a "US" genre with only 11 songs -> a subset So then I though that it might be the "(", ")" characters... but I've also got a genre; "Alt. Rock (Irish)" which is 100% correct, not split in any way and contains correct song count of 516 I've also got an "Unknown genre" genre that contains zero songs.... hope this info helps for testing/debugging... keep up the great work, spm
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