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  1. Hey! I would like to translate Poweramp into Dutch but it's not listed. Could you add Dutch to the list? Thanks!
  2. The problem is that I bought it from the Poweramp website, because I don't have a creditcard.
  3. Hey, I bought the Poweramp Unlocker but I lost it after updating my ROM How can I get a new one? Can I get a new one if I give my Google Account's email? Please help me
  4. Yeah! That's a great idea! Like when you're calling someone and go back to the home screen, you can hang up in de notification thing! Bug: I was listening to music, but everytime I pressed a key, the volume turned up and when I release the key it goes back to normal. This is very annoying if I'm typing for a long time. Samsung Glaxy S, Stock ROM, Rooted.
  5. Oh okay, thanks! I usually never use the landscape mode for my launcher, but I was doing something in landscape and then my launcher turned into landscape mode, too. But I just tried again, and the widget works perfectly in landscape mode and normal mode without bugging. Anyway, it's not important for me then. Thanks!
  6. Since today I have a bugging widget: If I remove the widget and place it again, the widget acts normal again. How can I solve this?
  7. I love Poweramp But one thing: can you make an option to remove the total track counter in the widgets? And maybe make a lockscreen like Winamp: http://static.stuff-review.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/winamp-android-v1-lockscreen-1203-555x449.jpg < with a custom background etc.
  8. Is it normal the EQ looks like this? With those lines or something? Can't it be just 1 color? I mean the Vol/Bal part. //EDIT Maybe you can't see it well on the screenshot but on my phone (Galaxy S) I see a kind of lines...
  9. Since version 2, I've some lag. If i turn up the volume for example, there's a delay between pressing the button and the volume change. The same for pressing the play button, when I press it the music starts playing later. And stopping music the same. Is this a setting or is it a bug? Becauser other players work perfectly and don't have this problem. I've a Samsung Galaxy S.
  10. Is Poweramp supporting other languages than English? I would like to translate Poweramp into Dutch.
  11. Hey, I would like to translate Poweramp into Dutch! Is this possible? Please answer me! Thanks!
  12. This is awesome! I just bought Poweramp, I hope I don't have to buy it again if i want to use Poweramp 2.0? It's a great app! I love it! Can you add a feature to set a cover for every song in a album?
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