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  1. I am really missing swipe abilities for moving between Folders Player Library. That way, it would just feel so much more authentic and natural. Here are some ideas on the execution. In the Folders view it shouldn't be a problem, since swiping left and right isn't used in any way. The same goes for the Library. The only problem might be in the Player view, which uses swiping to change songs. But still, it's used just in Coverflow, so there is place where the buttons are and where song info such as a title and artist is. I have seen these swipe capabilities in so many apps so I guess it sh
  2. I guess a request like that has already been brought up. Just as I supported it the first time, I will this time too.
  3. Yeah, lyrics shown over the artwork would be just great!
  4. All the ideas brought up here sound damn appealing to me. Definitely a plus!!! Bring it on!
  5. This is a great idea. Would appreciate it very much as well. Thinking about it, the lower volume button could be used, when longpressed, as a mute button. Whether a previous track button or a mute button would be adjustable in settings.
  6. Hell no. All of a sudden when I added some news songs via cable, all my ratings, basically all stats like recently played, most played got deleted. Bummer. Look into it. This is more than serious for me.
  7. At times, when loading lyrics from musixmatch, my galaxy s2 freezes. I mean, something the music keeps playing but I can't control the device, then after a few minutes, usually, it just turns off. Gotta undo the battery and put it there again. Had had this problem just a couple of times even with the previous betas. Anyone having the same issue?
  8. Gee! Real good. Has been working great for me so far. Keep it up! Just one or two tweaks I would make. Do you know this when you are just flicking through songs to find the right one. Since I have piles of songs, I do that pretty often. What I am asking here is that only the songs that have been played at least 10 should be added to Most played and recently played sections. No less than 10 secs. Because then there are a lot of songs I haven't actually listened to in these sections, cause just flipping through. So if it weren't that difficult, I would really appreciated it. Also, switching be
  9. Everything seems to be working just great to me. Haven't stumbled upon any crashes or misbehavior whatsoever so far. There is one thing I would change, though. The top-rated section shows just 100 titles. Why not more? Why not all of my top-rated? Plus, being able to sort songs by starts would be just great. You know, I have just about all my songs rated and sometimes I just feel like listening to 3-star songs and may be to rerate them. Anyways, great job.
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