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  1. It looks like some projects are using something called UserVoice for tracking feature requests (at least Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher are using it), It looks like it is free for basic stuff, lets users vote and comment on features, lets you mark when features are done or when they will be done, etc. It might be easier to manage than the forum. I don't know anything about how it works behind the scenes, but at least from the perspective of someone submitting feature suggestions it seems good. Nova launcher looks like they are hosting it themselves while apex launcher seems to be hosting
  2. Android has supported scrollable widgets for a while now. It would be nice if there was a playlist widget that provided a scrollable list of the songs in the playlist rather than just a button.
  3. It would be nice if we had the ability to show album art next to songs in the "all songs" view, at least as an option. It is a lot easier for people to search by image than text.
  4. Agreed. I am stilling missing the Artist picture and Genre picture grid views that playpro has.
  5. When cyanogenmod is in a dock, it shows a special dock screen. One of the options is to launch your preferred music player and listen to music. However, Poweramp is not on this list. Is there any way for Poweramp to register itself as a music player with android so it will appear on such lists?
  6. A quick point of clarification from the previous todo list: This seems to only be enabled for a couple of views (like albums), but most views don't have it (like artists, genres, etc.). Are the existing lists the only ones that are going to get this view, or is it going to be supported for more lists somewhere down the road?
  7. Have you considered also supporting the mp3gain versions of the replaygain tags? This is another one of the major replaygain implementations, and is free (GPL). Please take a look at the sourceforge page here. Also see here for an explanation of how mp3gain differs (note that the comments about APE tags are no longer true, modern mp3gain implementations support both APE and ID3 tags depends on the user's personal preferece). I am not sure if it is due to the fact that I am using mp3gain instead of foobar, but my songs are practically inaudible even at maximum volume when peak normalization
  8. ID3v2 standards actually allow you to have multiple separate instances of the same tag, which would also be nice to support where reasonable (such as artist, genre, composer, etc, obviously not title or album)
  9. Is anyone else having problems with playlists? Clicking on a song in a playlists always takes me to the wrong song.
  10. I saw the grid view in albums and it is very nice. Are there any plans to support the grid view for artists or genres, to show artist pictures, or to show album art in all views?
  11. That doesn't work for me. Tapping the album art shows or hides equilizer, "tone on" button, and star buttons, but the repeat and shuffle buttons are always there. I can see them sliding in and out with the other buttons during the animation, but they are always there anyway. A quick bug: at least in the aluminum skin, if you touch the area between the shuffle and repeat buttons, it sets the rating for the file, even though the rating icons are not visible. I think it would be better to only set the star rating when the rating icons are visible (so either don't set them when you don't have t
  12. I just downloaded. It is really nice. A few things: - In UI changes, you show "grid views for lists". What is this, and how do I enable it? - I can't seem to play songs from a playlist. I go to the library, click playlists, click the playlist, then click the song, and it starts playing a completely different random song. If I then click the song title, it takes me back to the genres list instead of the playlist list. This works fine from every other part of the library, only playlists have a problem. - When I scroll the albums, the artwork takes a moment to display, even if I had just sc
  13. I am curious what the status of these are. Are they still planned? I don't see these in 2.0 beta 1, nor do I see them on the planned features list.
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