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  1. This is the one feature that is preventing me from purchasing the unlocker. This should be really easy to implement and at the very top of the to-do list. But because of this huge over-site, I'm already considering purchasing GoneMAD player instead, because it actually sorts by Album Artist tag.
  2. I am not the software developer but by chance are you using the Equalizer? If yes, Chances are that if you are you are introducing clipping in the audio. If you don't know what clipping is, it is were the audio goes past it's peak threshold and the sound wave flattens out. This can cause stress to the speakers effectively burning them out over time. Usually clipping is detectable because it introduces distortion to the sound. However, subtle clipping can be transparent and difficult to hear but still cause harm to your speakers. Now this brings to you the question of, are you using the Equalizer? If you are, this is most likely cause of your headphone problems. Anytime you push a single band up into the positives you are clipping the sound. To avoid this issue, you need to use the Pre-amp volume control. If you turn a frequency band up +10, you need to turn the Pre-amp volume down -10 to compensate. "But that will just turn down the volume my music and can't enjoy the music at my desired loudness!" Sorry to disappoint you there, but there is no other way around this if you want to use the EQ and not destroy you headphone speakers. An alternative to this problem is to use an external headphone amplifier, like a FiiO E6 or E7, to drive you headphones. This way you can enjoy the benefits of the Equalizer and still be able to play to volume as loud, or even beyond what you android devises built in amp is capable of.
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