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  1. Thank you for your guidance on this as well as the underlying explanation. I will likely continue to uninstall/reinstall Poweramp purely because I have done so out of habit for years and, all in all, it only takes 5 minutes to setup again once a week. Regards Nigel
  2. Looks like I spoke too soon! Sometimes the widget freezes and sometime it does not. I'd say it freezes more often than not. Also, if the music is playing and a phone call comes in then the track counter on the widget resets itself to number 1 even though the song playing will have been another number. The correct song resumes but the track counter resets.
  3. Many thanks for your help on this. Unfortunately, even a full rescan does not update the Playlists. I only sync from WMP to my phone over a USB and not the other way around. It looks as though I will have to continue uninstalling/reinstalling the app in order for the Playlists to be updated. I have had to adopt this approach with every release of Poweramp.
  4. I hope you do not mind but I would like to pick your brains on an issue which I have had repeatedly in all versions of Poweramp. I store all my music (MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.) in Windows Media Player (WMP) in which I have 11 Playlists. The Playlists are synced to my phone over a USB connection. When I add/remove songs from a Playlist in WMP, about once a week I hook up my phone with WMP to sync the changes to the Playlists on my phone. I don't make changes from the phone to WMP. Say I bought some songs which were included in a couple of Playlists in WMP. For some reason, when I sync to my phone and search for the newly added songs, they do not show in each Playlist although, when I search for the song in Poweramp, they do appear. It would appear as though each new song/change has been synced to my phone. However and this is the issue, the newly added songs do not show up in the Playlists by name or in number. So if I had 500 songs in a Playlist prior to syncing, Poweramp still shows that Playlist as having 500 songs and not the increased number or the song by name in the Playlist. It is as if each Playlist does not refresh after each new sync even though the songs themselves have synced to the phone. In order to get the new songs to show in each Playlist and for the track counter number to increase, I have to uninstall and then reinstall Poweramp. I have had to continue to adopt this approach in the Beta version of Poweramp. It is cumbersome and probably unnecessary for me to uninstall/reinstall after each new sync. In all likeliness there will be a setting that I need to change in order to get each Playlist to automatically refresh itself. Do you know which setting I need to change in order to do this please? I would be very grateful for your further help.
  5. Update: I installed the beta version as suggested. So far, the widget issue is working normally and is not freezing. Thank you for your help.
  6. Thank you for your reply, Andre. If I install v.3, do you think the Widget freezing issue might resolve itself? Regards, Nigel
  7. Hello - I bought this excellent app several years ago and have been delighted with it. Recently, I changed phones to a Xiaomi Mi 5 running on Android 6.0. For some reason, the widget on my home screen stops refreshing after about three or four songs; the wifget stops showing the current song that is playing. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling but the problem persists. I would be grateful if someone could please let me know how to rectify this issue. Regards, Nigel
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