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  1. I've uninstalled Poweramp and the unlocker, cleared data on the play store app and rebooted, installed again both apps, closed and opened a couple times and it didn't work. I still can't verify the license and I'm unable to use the app after a couple hours.
  2. Hi! I can't seem to activate Poweramp full even though I have the app bought via google play. I've uninstalled and installed over and over again, tried to clear cache. I haven't reset the whole phone for it and I won't but I'm looking for solutions. I'm on Android 8.1, the notification doesn't work on the lockscreen (I'm pretty sure this has been reported tho) and the "widget pack" isn't installable via playstore, there's also a bug with libraries at boot (I'll go on detail if I'm the only one experiencing these issues but I think those are 8.1 issues, not personal)
  3. Hi! I had a Sennheiser earphones (mx170) which always worked perfectly. When I bought Poweramp and began listening music only with the app, my earphones started to become noisy in their bass. Well, I never thought that the problem was in the player so I went to the shop where I bought the earphones and they gave me a new ones. After some time the same problem appeared and I started suspecting the Poweramp. One friend of mine lent me his earphones (they are equal to mine) and I tested only listening to music with the Google stock player. 2 weeks passed and no problem at all. I forgot to mention
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