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  1. Okay, I've tried for literally hours and hours. Apparently, I'm dense (or just stupid!) I've created a workout playlist within Windows Media Player. Now I want to get that playlist onto my Galaxy Note so that I can import it into Poweramp. It appears to me that syncing in Windows Media Player also creates duplicate copies of all the .mp3 files on my phone - NOT desired! WMP appears to create the playlist in a .wpl format. When I do sync with the phone, WMP creates a .pla playlist, which Poweramp does recognize, but as I said, WMP also drags duplicate copies of all the songs over. My question is: How can I create a playlist on my PC and get it onto my phone so that I can import it into Poweramp? Can it be this hard? (Or AM I really that dense?!) (I have spent time looking for this question in the forum, but I came up empty. If it's a duplicate, can someone point me to the right post?) Thanks in advance for any help!
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