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  1. 'Ello. As you know, Android has 16 media volume steps and I'm sure plenty of people experienced the occasion where one step up and the music gets too loud, while one step down and it gets too quiet. The explanation given here is a fair point, as well as the EQ solution, but we're pretty late here into the modern age and Poweramp seems mature enough to handle such a thing. Currently I'm using an app called Fine Volume Control which is clumsy and overall feels like money down the drain just to cover up for the OS's lack of features. Anyhow, that's the suggestion. I think 48 steps and above shoul
  2. I know the thread is a bit old, but if it means anything I too would love to see that option as well (better 2 voices than 1). Old iPod Classics support it, so no reason Androi'd best music player shouldn't. Your solution, Magadaner, simply sorts ALL of the albums by year, while our request is that they be first grouped by artist, then sorted by year.
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