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  1. I have songs on my Verizon notepad stored on my sd card. When I look at "all songs" on Poweramp I have duplicates and triplicates of songs. When I look at the SD card, there is only one of each song showing. I can't delete off Poweramp directly from the notepad because music is stored on the SD. I must put the SD in my PC to do any work to it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Plug your phone in and run it as a USB device. Make a "playlist" folder in your phone. Copy songs from your PC to playlist folder. Then tell power amp to load from playlist. Works for me. I constantly d/l songs from yt and save them in media player and copy to Poweramp.
  3. I killed my newer Verizon Droid and had to reactivate my old Droid. When I try to install power amp on the phone it tells me it is already installed.....no it is not. It is installed on the broken phone. How can I d/l Poweramp on the phone I'm currently using?
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