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  1. I just went to clear my recently added playlist before adding a bunch of new tracks and found that I can't! It's full with 200 tracks at the moment so what is the point of it? I see this has been brought up a few times before but nothing's happening so I'm putting it out there again. A recently added playlist has to have the ability to clear it otherwise there's no point to it. Cheers.
  2. Asked the same question a month ago, never got a reply. Hopefully you'll have better luck.
  3. I've tried all settings I can find, thought Play list item then return to UI might do it but I just can't find how to play just one track. That is, I want to browse a playlist, select one track, have it play and nothing else. Sorry if it's obvious. Cheers. PS Just found I can cue a track from a playlist then go to Queue and play it, Is this the only way? I'm used to a 'play once' type option among the loops, repeats etc.
  4. Well the playlists are opening today, yesterday I could only get the menu. That just leaves clearing the queue list and non-music files. Thanks.
  5. How do I see what songs are in a playlist? The only way I could find was by queueing them up which leads me to my second question, how do I clear the cue list? Also, as has already been asked in this thread, how do I keep music and non-music files separate? Thanks.
  6. Was just about to post regarding the same issue. Went to the gym today, plugged in earphones and nothing. Opened the app and totally empty. All my playlists that I had painstakingly put together - gone. Rescan brought back the music but not the playlists. I rebooted yesterday after a camera firmware update, guess that's the reason. Not happy.
  7. I found a button that lets me delete duplicates from playlists so that's sorted but now I'm really confused. So far all my playlists have been in the Library so I tried making one in Folders to see if that worked any different, it didn't so I deleted it and went back to the Library. Now, when I tap 'add to playlist' I'm just shown a blank screen inviting me to create a playlist in Folders. How do I get the playlist I've been working on in the Library to show again? Thanks.
  8. I'm trying to create a 'gym' playlist by listening to a shuffled 'all songs' playlist and adding to the gym playlist when I come across a track I want in there. However, everytime I add a track to the gym playlist, the all songs playlist resets. What setting do I need so that when adding a song from one playlist to another, the original playlist doesn't reset? I've tried various settings but nothing I've tried makes any difference. Also, is there a way to prevent duplicates being added to a playlist? Thanks.
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