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  1. Thanks for your answer! I didn't know about such limitations. I did some hours of research via google and looked through several forums to get information about skipping tracks via volume control before posting this topic. But I barely found useful information cocncerning this issue. Now, at least I know that it's not possible wihtout a root. Ahh... and no, I didn't actually try the other players myself. I prefer to gather information about software I'd like to purchase first and do not like downloading anything without knowing it is a quality product. I wanted to stick with and will stick with Poweramp, because it provide better audio optimization features I think and also because it has a cool name ... I mean come on "PlayerPro" is such a boring name that the people developing this can't really be that talented. If I'd decide to develop a product, I'd make finding a good and creative name high priority. To sum this up... I just submitted this because I thougt what they can you should be able to do with ease, but I didn't know this function was so limited by stock android versions. Greetings martinxy PS: Damnit... just now I did another search and also found some topics in the Poweramp forums about this feature... I'm sorry for having wasted ur time - but I like how you are so patient replying to those questions u already answered anyway...
  2. Dear Maxim Petrov, First of all thank you for the great work your doing! I really like Poweramp, but I also tested several other music players aswell. I think none of them features such a great audio quality as Poweramp does. This is the main reason why I decided for Poweramp. I nearly finished the 15-days-trial-version and now I consider buying Poweramp. But one feature I really miss is to skip tracks forward or backward via the volume buttons of my android device. This is a feature that my old SE Walkman phone had and that is also provided by several other music players for android devices like e.g. Winamp or PlayerPro. I think this is one essential feature to be implemented and I read in some forums that many users would like to see this being provided by Poweramp. Is it possible for you to implement this feature soon? Or do you even already plan to provide this feature with the coming update to version 2.0 this summer? I'd really appreciate a positive answer from you Greetings martinxy
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