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  1. Thank you for your thorough reply! Just a couple follow-up questions: When do you anticipate integration of the separate item selection into a release? Specifically, I have the Fascinate I-500, which I understand may be quite different than the other versions of the Fascinate. Could you look in to fixing this bug for this version specifically? It would be greatly appreciated (: Also, unrelated to my previous questions: I noticed this application supports headset controls/buttons, but I'm not quite clear on which headset is necessary for this functionality. I searched the internet quite thoroughly a couple weeks ago for an "android" headset with such controls, but only came up with either a) ipod headset controls or 1 or 2 generic models of low-grade android headset controls only "compatible" with specific models. Can you tell me if all headset controls work with the android or there is a list of android-compatible models that you have access to? I'd imagine you had to do some testing when the headset button support was added. Thanks again for your thorough reply and such a great app!
  2. First off I must say that Poweramp is by FAR the most advanced, thoroughly updated app available on the Market in it's class. I used it for the first time yesterday evening and was absolutely elated. I have a few feature requests that I believe may improve the app's usability: 1. Downloaded album art should be available to be saved directly to the id3 tag file. Additionally, more id3 tag editing functionality would be very nice indeed. 2. Play/pause and track forward/back buttons should be added to system pull-down menu. (presently, users may only open the app when the Android pull-down menu is visible instead of control the music being played.) 3. BATCH OPERATIONS: similar to the iPod Touch and the iPhone music players, this feature would allow the manipulation of more than one file at a time or less than a whole group of files at a time rather than only being able to, for example, add one file at a time to a playlist, or an entire folder or search results. These batch operations would be a simple check-box interface and could be used for deletions, playlist creation, moving music from folder to folder, etc. Were these features added, I would have no problem paying twice as much for this app! (: Now for the one bug I found that may be a local problem on my device: I am running Froyo (2.2.1) on my Verizon Samsung Fascinate. In the "Lock Screen Options" settings menu, I can't seem to get the "Direct Unlock" option to work right for me (even after reloading the application, rebooting my device, and some other troubleshooting). I would love to unlock directly to the home screen, but every time my device is lock and I attempt unlocking, I have to go through the system unlock even though the "Direct Unlock" setting is checked. Is this something that other users are having trouble with too? I think this is a great feature that would definitely put the app ahead of others, but it seems to work the same as the rest.
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