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  1. I was one of the hundreds and just want to point out that there should be a solution that satisfies all users coming from different players that have their own implementation. Let me repeat what i already suggested: In case of mp3s there are three different ways: 1. itunescompilation tag (iTunes)2. TPE2 frame (WMP, Media Monkey, ...)3. TXXX frame with header: ALBUMARTIST or ALBUM ARTIST In case of other file formats and their tagging standards (Vorbis Comment, APE, ...) the system is similar to point 3. (see above) I think you could implement for mp3s f.e. a system of fallbacks that wouldn't require no option: look for itunescompilationtag -> if not present look for TPE2 frame -> look for headers ALBUMARTIST or ALBUM ARTIST in TXXX-frames. If even in TXXX-frames no album artist tag is present the last (then optional) fallback could be: group tracks under "Various artists" that are in the same subfolder. It seems to me that that would be a very good implementation that just would work and wouldn't bother user to check dozens of options
  2. My very first topic was related to album artist handling: there i suggested either a simple folder based solution where different artists inside one album folder are summed up as "various artists" in library view or a more sophisticated tag based solution that consideres the different tag standards or de-facto-standards introduced by certain players. In the latter case - if i didn't overlook something - two options would be sufficient: 1. "use itunescompilationflag" (for iTunes user), 2. "Use TPE2-Frame for MP3's" (for Winamp, WMP, Media Monkey, etc. users). Furthermore Poweramp should have an internal/hardcoded list of possible names of frame headers (TXXX-Frames in ID3v2, Vorbis Comment, Ape) for identification: i think "Album Artist" and "Albumartist" would be enough.
  3. When you are in the queue just press the menu button: "clear q" is what you are looking for. A short comment to the origin topic: what is exactlyit what you cannot do with Poweramp and its queue? You can listen to your lists, you can move from list to list even in shuffle or normal mode and for creation of special lists (mixed tracks or mixed albums) you have the queue. I am just not able to see what you are missing and why?
  4. I prefer to see the release when it's finished rather than now!
  5. ottoman seems to be a strange guy: he tells other people to "get a life!" but he thinks it is necessary to reply on each post. All we nice people won't post anymore or waste anyones time here. What a sunny day!
  6. And please, maxmpz: can you give him back these little 5 bucks so that he can ask for support anywhere else?
  7. Maxmpz, it's summer! Don't forget to take some lazy weeks and to enjoy the sun before the autumn and the winter come. And please: can you wait until next year with the release just to despite ottoman?
  8. Hello! Let me firstly say that i am very impressed about this app. As a foobar2000 user i am very happy to have found this technically great player for my new android phone. Great work! The only bad experience i have with Poweramp is that albums with different artists are cluttered in the artist view in library. So i would like to ask for album artist support. I think there are two possibilities to realize that support: a simple solution and a more enhanced one. The first one would just try to recognize if an album contains multiple artists and would group it then under "Various artists". Probably that would be a good solution for many users but for another part of the userbase that would mean that they will loose information saved to file. In many players for pc you can store the content for album artist. As all the players (Itunes, winamp, wmp, foobar2000, Helium music manager, Jriver MC, Media Monkey) go different ways it may be a bit tricky to satisfy all needs. I made some thoughts how the advanced support of album artist could look like and i think that three options could cover all possibilities: 1. "Use Itunescompilation flag". That is the option for our friends who use itunes. If that option is checked and there is no other album artist tag inside the file this flag is used to group different artist under one album. 2. Many player use an frame which is not predefined. In regard to how Vorbis/Ape tags and ID3v2-TXXX (header) frames are written the frame/header name consists of natural language. I think it would be sufficient if Poweramp would use by default "album artist; albumartist" exactly in that order. I can't imagine that there are many people who would like to add a further name but who knows? 3. In regard to MP3s there is the defacto standard (WMP, itunes, Media monkey) that album artist is mapped to the TPE2 frame. An option for this mapping seems senseful as on one side this became a defacto standard but on the other side some player prefer the TXXX frame. (As i don't have wma or mp4 files i don't know how their frames for album artist is called but they must have one) Thanks for reading! I hope that you will adress the issue anyway! Many regards!
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